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    Peter Pan

    James Barrie

    Peter Pan

    Тривалість: 1 hour
    Автор: James Barrie
    Кiлькiсть дiй: One act
    Жанр: Fairy tale
    Дата прем'єри : 19-12-2022
    Місце проведення: Big stage
    Assistant of the stage-director
    Chairman of the music department
    Production designer
    Costume designer Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine
    Lighting designer
    Maxim Rokin, Victor Ruban
    Choirmaster Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine
    Dmytro Dokukin
    Helper of the stage-director

    Would you like to see a real “flying boy” and follow his incredible adventures? Do you dream of being in the hold of an ancient pirate ship or admiring the colorful costumes of clever Indians? Do you want to spend a long time in the midst of luxurious exotic landscapes that will captivate any discerning imagination for a long time? All this is waiting for you in the action-packed theatrical fairy tale “Peter Pan”, based on the work of the famous Scottish writer James Barry. “Peter Pan” is one of the most popular fairy tales of the 20th century. This is the best gift for a child during difficult trials!

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    Anastasiya Pyatykop
    Aunt Lisa Honored Artist of Ukraine
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    Boatswain Chvak
    Cecco (pirate)
    Bill Jukes (pirate) Honored Artist of Ukraine
    Cook (pirate) Honored Artist of Ukraine
    Gentleman Starkey (pirate)
    Laugher (lost children)
    Piper (lost children)
    Whirlwind (lost Children)
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