Hanna Hlazacheva

Drama actress

of the Sumy National Academic
Theater of Drama and Musical Comedy
named after M.S. Schepkin


Participation in performances:

“Snow White and the Seven Gnomes” – The Evil Queen

“Beauty and the Beast” – The Witch

“Tango” – Eleonora

“A Christmas Story” – Maggie Cratchett

“The Nutcracker” – Aunt, Myshilda

“My Lady” – Mrs. Higgins

“Romeo on call” – Malvina Mykhailivna

“Peppy the Shack” – Freken Rosenblum

“The Strange Mrs. Savage” – Lily Bell

“New Year’s adventures of Glasha’s pussy” – Fox

“Long live the pharaohs!” – Olena Ustymovna

“Señor Juan’s last wife” – Matilda

“May night” – Witch

“A little tenderness” – Diana

“Early on Sunday, I dug potions” – Mydora

“Souzena is not a witch” – Varochka

“Fashionably” – Dembytska

“Uncle Vanya” – Olena Andriivna

“Señor Juan’s last wife” – Matilda

“Wolf” – Oksana

“Flying Ship” – Young Baba Yaga

“Threepenny Opera” – And the priestess of love

“Trees die standing” – Marta

“Nazar Stodolya” – Stekha

“Theatre” – Belinda

“Orgy” – Nerisa

“Konotopska witch” – Zubiha

“I had a raw egg” – And a toadstool

“Don Juan vs. Donna Anna” – Anna

“The fainting horse” – Coralia

“Poisoned tunic” – Zoya

“Little Mermaid” – Princess

“Tristan and Isolde” – Brangien

“Misunderstanding” – Maria

“Potassium cyanide… with or without milk?” – Martha

“The Duke of Gonzago” – Amalia

“Baby” – Lulu

“Don Raffaele trombonist” – Lisa

“Magic gloves” – Mouse

“Vivat, vaudeville” – Zizi

“Snow Queen” – Snow Queen

“Madhouse” – Margarita

“Dark History”


“Don’t believe your eyes”


“New Year’s caprice of the princess”