Svitlana Kulyk

Drama actress

of the Sumy National Academic
Theater of Drama and Musical Comedy
named after M.S. Schepkin


Participation in performances:

“Illegal woman” – Nina
“Snow White and the Seven Gnomes” – Doc
“After two hares” – Marta
“breaking our souls…” – She
“Beauty and the Beast” – Beauty
“Cyrano de Bergerac” – Sister Martha
“Nutcracker” – Gretchen (doll)
“I order love…” – Hope
“Podkolosin” – Thekla
“Pink web” – Polina Yvanivna or Lina, Galka
“Who’s to blame?” – Cooking
“The Strange Mrs. Savage” – Florence
“Incident” – Señora Meroni
“New Year’s adventures of Glasha’s pussy” – Snow Maiden
“The Last Confession” – Marie
“Give Grandma Eternal Peace” – Restaurant
“Inspector” – Maria Antonivna
“The Game of Love” – Virginia
“Chumaki” – Yaryna
“Fashionably” – Natalka
“Daughters-mothers” – Katya
“Three little pigs” – Nuf-Nuf
“New Year’s interlude” – Snow Maiden
“Thumble” – Thumbelina
“Puppy in love” – Oksana
“Friends from Bremen” – Guard
“Behind two hares” – Nastya
“Bicycle with red wheels” – Cat
“Such Free Butterflies” – Jill Shanner
“Mr. Cat” – Princess