Anatolii Krasovskyi

Honored Artist of Ukraine

of the Sumy National Academic
Theater of Drama and Musical Comedy
named after M.S. Schepkin

Participation in performances:

“Beauty and the Beast” – Jacques Guerisseur
“Cyrano de Bergerac” – Belrose, Capuchin
“Funny Money” – Slayton (policeman)
A Christmas Story – Bob Cratchett, Clerk
“Nutcracker” – Dad, King
“Romeo on call” – Pavlo Hryhorovych Kolupanov
“Podkolosin” – Oleksandr Ivanovich
“Pink web” – Ivan Tarasovych Hey-Gukivskyi
“The Strange Mrs. Savage” – Dr. Emmett
“Incident” – Senator
“Family of Kaidash” – Kaidash
“New Year’s adventures of Glasha’s pussy” – Beaver, Wolf
“Theatre, theater, theater” – Doctor Agrippa
“Long live the pharaohs!” – Root
“Fashionably” – Varenyk
“Chumaki” – Chicherya
“Bat” – Unknown
“Inspector” – Svystunov
“A Little Tenderness” by Batu
“Señor Juan’s last wife” – the owner of the inn
“Early on Sunday, I dug potions” – Cymbalist
“May night” – Yavtukh
“Constricted – not unencumbered” – Ivan Semenovych Hrytsenko-Perepelitsia
“Kaidash family” – Kaidash
“Chmyr” – Starosta
“Sisters” – Kulikov
“Maritana” – Carrier
“Filumena Marturano” – Waiter
“Magic gloves” – Medvyd
“Master of women’s affairs” – Prokop
“Martyn Borulya” – Omelko
“The secret of the apricot stone” – Khachatur
“Guilty without guilt” – Ivan
“Mafiosi” – Policeman
“Caligula” – Lepidus
“Madhouse” – Major
“Snow Queen” – Raven
“Vivat, vaudeville” – Pustoslavtsev
“Ladies and Hussars” – Rimbaud
“Swan song” – Ivan
“Don Raffaeli the trombonist” – Nikola
“Trap” – Policeman
“Verona” – Capulet
“At the first roars” – Grandfather
“He who laughs will not pass away” – Pavlo
“Night on the field” – Lisovyk
“There lived three cats in Venice” – Cat Seppi
“Olenka and the Soldier” – Stary
“Kaidash family” – Kaidash
“I had a raw egg” – Borovychok
“Konotop witch” – Nikita
“Women’s revolt” – First Cossack
“Orgy” – Prefenei
“Hell’s Dozen” – Panko
“Tartufe” – Mr. Loyal
“Mr. Cat” is the King
“City without love” – Ruler
“Behind two hares” – Sirko
“Friends from Bremen” – Donkey
“Threepenny Opera” – Jackop
“Princess’ New Year’s Caprice” – Soldier
“New Year’s gift” – Forester
“New Year’s interlude” – Santa Claus
“Wedding March” – Joseph
“Rosemary” – Ghoul
“Flying Ship” – Palkan
“Khanuma’s Antics” – Banshchik
“Zaporozhets by the Danube” – Old Cossack
“Poisoned tunic” – Justinian
The Fainting Horse – Soames
“Lysistrata” – Draket
“Crucified” by Antipovich
“Toot, others and Major”
“Khuly Khuryna” – Secretary
“Rose Mary”