Snow White and the Seven Gnomes

      Brothers Grimm

      Snow White and the Seven Gnomes

      Тривалість: 1 hour
      Автор: Brothers Grimm
      Кiлькiсть дiй: 1 дія
      Жанр: Fairy tale
      Дата прем'єри : 21-12-2020
      Місце проведення: Big stage
      Assistant of the stage-director
      Vladyslav Kalinichenko
      Production designer
      Larysa Apollonova
      Musical design
      Lighting design
      Maxim Rokin, Victor Ruban

      “Snow White and the Seven Gnomes” is a family musical based on the world-famous fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm. This is a magical story about a beautiful girl, who despite difficult obstacles, finds true happiness in friendship and love.

      The performance attracts with an interesting director’s vision, original musical and scenographic design, as well as an intriguing plot, in which rich cultural symbolism is peculiarly intertwined with images of fairy-tale heroes.

      …Snow White all the time suffers from the constant oppression of the stepmother-Queen. The Queen is especially worried about the beautiful appearance of Snow White, whom she is infinitely jealous of.

      One day, the Queen decides to get rid of her unloved stepdaughter forever. She insidiously plunges the girl into a mysterious sleep. Only a kiss from the wonderful Prince can save Snow White from a heavy spell… Since it was written in 1812, the work has undergone many artistic interpretations. Meanwhile, it still remains one of the most popular and at the same time mysterious masterpieces of European children’s literature.

      Дійові особи та виконавці:

      Snow White
      Evil Queen
      Prince from the Blue Mountains
      Anastasiya Pyatykop
      Anastasiya Pyatykop
      Guests on the ball
      Anastasiya Babanska