The Witch from the Konotop

      Hryhoriy Kvitka-Osnovyanenko

      The Witch from the Konotop

      Автор: Hryhoriy Kvitka-Osnovyanenko
      Кiлькiсть дiй: Two acts
      Жанр: musical
      Дата прем'єри : 29-03-2024
      Місце проведення: Big stage
      Stage-director, choreographer Honored Artist of Ukraine
      Bohdan Zholdak
      Ihor Poklad
      Conductors Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine
      Aliia Baitenova
      Costume designer
      Andriy Romanchenko
      Choirmaster Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine
      Lighting artist
      Ivan Bobok
      Sound director
      Maksym Kryshtop
      The helpers of the stage-director

      A musical, mystical and satirical story by the Honored Artist of Ukraine Maksym Bulgakov.

      Mykyta Ulasovich Zabryokha was elected centurion of the Konotop Hundred. The position is high, with privileges and benefits, actually inherited from the father. But can such a burden be borne by an uneducated and short-sighted centurion, especially at a time of trials in the country? And if he also listens to insincere and treacherous advisers? It is easiest to shift the responsibility to someone else, for example, to the local witches. However, it is not easy to find the witch herself, and after finding her, to avoid her revenge. The performance is exceptionally mystical, and at the same time it is full of humor, magical music, unsurpassed choreography and magical special effects.

      Дійові особи та виконавці:

      Zabryokha Mykyta Ulasovich
      Pistryak Prokip Ryhorovych
      Vitalii Nikonov
      Priska Chiryachka
      Pazka Psyuchikha
      Khimka Ryaboklyachka
      Yavdokha Zubikha
      Ulas Zabryokha
      First godfather
      Second godfather
      Society, Hundred, Blinds, Guards
      Vitalii Nikonov, Yevhenii Demydenko
      Alina Tkachenko, Inna Davydova, Vasyl Bardakov