• The Landlord
    The Landlord

    Ivan Karpenko-Karyi

    Луганський театр (м.Сєвєродонецьк)

    The Landlord

    Тривалість: 2 hours with intermission
    Автор: Ivan Karpenko-Karyi
    Кiлькiсть дiй: Two acts
    Жанр: Comedy
    Дата прем'єри : 04-11-2023
    Місце проведення: Big stage
    Stage-director Honored Artist of Ukraine
    Scenography and costumes
    Andrii Romanchenko
    Yevhen Zolotukhin

    The author of the work “The Landlord”, Ivan Karpenko-Karyi, defined the theme of his social comedy as an evil satire on the love of enrichment, “without any other goal. Collection for collection!”.

    In our time, when the external enemy – Russia – is constantly attacking our country from the outside, unfortunately, there remains a layer of enemies that cause irreparable damage inside it – the latest news about the high-profile arrests of high-ranking officials who burned themselves for bribery or extortion is a confirmation of this.

    The comedy “The Landlord” by the main director of the theater, Maxim Bulgakov, is a play about the contradiction between the millionaire landowner’s boundless greed for profit and the fact that he “cannot swallow everything together.”

    The plot of the play, which is still relevant (unfortunately) today, is full of funny situations, watching which you involuntarily wonder, how much more money and land does the Bubble need to satisfy his appetites, and won’t he eventually pay off?

    The most terrible thing is that in our time many people have been mastered by “acquisition for the sake of acquisition”. The ideals, spirituality, mentality, and ultimately, the future of Ukraine are crossed out. What will we get to? Although it is unlikely that those who “collect” will come to this performance to give an answer, so come and enjoy the work of the Ukrainian classic in the production of our theater

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