Volodymyr Nazarenko

Drama actor

of the Sumy National Academic
Theater of Drama and Musical Comedy
named after M.S. Schepkin


Participation in performances:

“Forest Song” – Uncle Lion
“Obsessed” – Father
Beauty and the Beast – The Librarian
“Cyrano de Bergerac” – Capuchin, Ragno
“Funny Money” – Slayton (policeman)
“A Christmas Story” – Spirit of Marley
“Hamlet” – Polonius
“My Lady” – Hugh Pickering
“Romeo on call” – Shelest Viniaminovich Tombovskyi
“Podkolosin” – Oleksandr Ivanovich
“Who’s to blame?” – 1st suitor
“Beshketnitsa Peppy” – Director of the circus
“The Strange Mrs. Savage” – Samuel
“Incident” – Senator
“The Kaidash Family” – Music
“New Year’s Adventures of Kitty Glasha” – Santa Claus
“Long live the pharaohs!” – Root
“The Merry Widow” – Bohdanovych
“Chumaki” – Rusalovsky
“Bat” – Forester
“Revisor” – Osyp
“A little tenderness” – Batu
“Señor Juan’s Last Woman” – Carlos
“Early on Sunday, I dug potions” – Cymbalist
“May night” – I Sotskyi
“Fashionably” – Varenyk
“Constricted – not unencumbered” – Ivan Semenovych Hrytsenko-Perepelitsia
“Night debates” – Manager
“Vovchiha” – Bank official
“Natalka Poltavka”
“New Year’s interlude” – Santa Claus
“New Year’s gift” – Forester
“New Year’s caprice of the princess” – Forester
“Threepenny Opera” – Smith
“Trees die standing” – Pastor
“Khanuma’s Pranks” – Mikich
“Friends from Bremen” – Dog
“Mr. Cat” – Humanoid
“Tartufe” – Officer
“Orgy” – Prefect
“Konotopska witch” – Shvandyura
“Once upon a time there was a syroezhka” – Borovyk
“Don Juan vs. Donna Anna” – The oldest guest
“Booth-27” – Prokip
“Madhouse” – Enrique
“Gypsy Baron” – Omonai
“While she was dying” – Igor
“Lysistrata” – Strimodor
“Crucified” – Vukul
“Verona” – Samson
“Night in the field” – Santa Claus
“Don Raphael – trombonist” – Giovanni
“Ladies and Hussars” – Captain
“Vivat, vaudeville!” – Luka
“Snow Queen” – King
“Mermaid” – Oska
“Caligula” – Senect
“Martyn Borulya” – Gervasiy
“Your turn, queen!” – Marquis de Torcy
“Cat Leopold’s birthday” – Kozel-conductor
“Guilty without fault” – Ivan
“Edith Piaf” – the owner of the cafe
“Mafiosi” – Mafia
“Magic gloves” – Medvyd
“Apricot pit”
“Women’s Affairs Master”
“Zaporozhets by the Danube”