Victoria Rashevska-Gorban’

Stage manager

of the Sumy National Academic
Theater of Drama and Musical Comedy
named after M.S. Schepkin


Drama actress
Participation in performances:

“Boing-Boing” – Bertha
“After two hares” – Ustya
“Beauty and the Beast” – Madame Chaud
“Funny Money” – Betty Johnson
“Pink web” – Pebble
“Nutcracker” – Klerchen (doll)
“I order love…” – Hope
“Who’s to blame?” – Yavdokha
“The Strange Mrs. Savage” – Ferry
“Incident” by Señora Bestetti
“The Kaidash Family” – Melashka
“New Year’s adventures of Glasha’s kitty” – kitten Nyura
“Theatre, theater, theater” – Colombina
“The Last Confession” – Marie
“Give grandmother eternal peace” – Olena, Volodymyr’s wife
“Fashionable” – Owl
“Treasures of the wizard” – Masha
“The Merry Widow” – Elga
“Revisor” – Fevronia Poshlopkina
“Butterflies So Free” – Jill Tanner
“Bicycle with red wheels” – Mouse
“Behind two hares” – Natalka, Pydora
“Friends from Bremen” – Rooster
“Puppy in love” – Klyaksa
“Trees die standing” – Amelia
The Threepenny Opera – Betty
“Painted Fox” – Hare
“Wolf” – Paraska
“New Year’s gift” – Nastusya
“There was a syroizhka” – Little Buttercup
“New Year’s Interlude” – The Snow Maiden
“Yaremy’s Love” – Olenka
“Rosemary” – Bee
“Flying Ship” – Young Baba Yaga
The Three Little Pigs – Naf-Naf
“Zapolyarnaya Pravda” – Dandelion
“Family the Rainbow” – Nadia