Serhii Medin

Honored Artist of Ukraine

of the Sumy National Academic
Theater of Drama and Musical Comedy
named after M.S. Schepkin


Participation in performances:

“After two hares” – Prokip
“Beauty and the Beast” – Jacques Guerisseur
“Cyrano de Bergerac” – Ragno
“Tango” – Evgeny
“A Christmas Story” – Ebenezer Scrooge
“Forest Song” – Uncle Lev-Lisovik
“Hamlet” – Claudius
Possessed – Father, Judas
“My Lady” – Elder Higgins
“Romeo on call” – Borys Matviyovych Krovel
“Podkolosin” – Zhevakin
“Beshketnytsia Peppy” – Director of the circus
“Laugh of Lobster” – Georges Pitou, her secretary
“Who is to blame?” – Ivan, Sofia’s father
“The Strange Mrs. Savage” – Jeffrey
“Incident” – Dr. Scotty
“New Year’s Adventures of Kotygoroshka” – Zmiy Horynich
“Theatre, theater, theater” – Pantalone
“Nazar Stodolya” – Khoma
“New Year’s Adventures of Kitty Glasha” – Kozel Kozlovych
“The Last Confession” – Fedir Ivanovich Bondarenko
“Long live the pharaohs!” – Aristarchus
“The Merry Widow” – Cromon
“A little tenderness” – Nenil
“Beautiful Elena” – Kalkhas
“My Parisian woman” – Golovin
“Revisor” – Luka Lukich Khlopov
“Game of love” – Oleksandr
“Bat” – Blind
“Early on Sunday, I dug potions” – Andronati
“Uncle Vanya” – Telegin
“May Night” – Sozontius
“Natalka Poltavka” – Vozny
“Wolf” – Yakov
“Wedding March” – George
“New Year’s caprice of the princess” – Soldier
“The Threepenny Opera” – Brown
“Trees die standing” – Second
“Nazar Stodolya” – Khoma
“Khanuma’s Pranks” – Minich
“Theatre” – Lloyd
“City without love” – Pustyrnik
“Mr. Cat” – Servant
“Tartufe” – Cleante
“Orgy” – Phaedo
“Konotop witch” – Chirya
“I had a Syroizhka” – Sukhomor
“Don Juan vs. Donna Anna” – Commander
“The Saga of the Kaidash family” – Karpo
“Lysistrata” – Philurge
“Olenka and the soldier” – Yellow head
“Crucified” – Golubets
“Cherry Orchard” – Epikhodov
“There lived and were Three Cats in Venice” – Musician
“Tristan and Isolde” – Tristan
“Night on the field” – Horiy
“Verona” – Giorgi
“Duke of Gonzago” – Prompter
“Wedding in retro style” – Leonid
“Vivat, vaudeville!” – Borzikov
“Ladies and Hussars” – Grzegorz
“Snow Queen” – Kazkar
“Filumena Marturano” – Michele
“Edith Piaf” – Jean, a sailor
“Caligula” – Helicon
“Retro” – Leonid
“Martyn Borulya” – Trandalev
“Mafiosi” – Carlo
“Twenty minutes with an angel” – Basilsky
“Cat Leopold’s birthday” – Leopold
“Ladies’ Del Master” – Oska
“Maritana” – Soldier
“Magic gloves” – Volk
“The Little Mermaid” – Leshy
“Mowgli” – Akela
“Khuly Khuryna” – Kulish
“Chmyr” – Scribe
“Turkish Shawl” – Ugodnik
“Rose Mary”
“No fault, guilty”
“Major, Toot and others”
“Good intentions”